Deposit £50 must be paid before consultation. If a person refuses to consult later than 48 hours, the deposit won't come back.

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Procedure cannot be performed under certain conditions.

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 Touch up

Touch up must be booked within 6-10 weeks after initial session - £100 for eyebrows and lips. Touch up for upper lash enhancement only - £50, for upper and lower eyelid - £80. Touch up for upper and lower lash line enhancement - £120. If necessary one more additional touch up cost remain same as initial touch up price. Melanin rich lips will require multiple touch up sessions - £150 each session. Any permanent makeup treatment might require additional touch up session to achieve best results and recommended to book not later than 12 weeks after last session.

Touch up for all areas after 6-10 weeks — £100




Annual retouch

You can order the service via Instagram or Whatsapp

Client Questionnaire Form

Procedure cannot be performed under certain conditions, therefore in order to perform permanent makeup treatment or microblading in safe manner and rightly, please answer the following questions truthfully.

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Polina Kernagyte



Beauty is my world and my strongest passion.

 I’m highly experienced permanent makeup artist based in London, Hampton. It is very close to Richmond and Kingston. 

 I mainly specialise in powder brows ,  ombré brows and combined eyebrows, aquarelle lip blush and intense lip blush techniques. It becomes very popular this days all eyeliner techniques like lash enhancement, classic eyeliner and eyeliner with shadow.

 My experience in beauty industry reaching over 12 years, as beauty therapist-7, while as make-up and semi - permanent makeup artist I am actively and successfully working for five years now.

 I have gained my main microblading knowledge by completing courses at worldwide recognised Phibrows academy, which provides the most beautiful patented  microblading technique.

 The latest techniques of permanent makeup on eyes and lips by using 3D lip blush and aquarelle lips techniques I learned at well known “Agnespermanent” academy. 

And this is just a small part of qualifications achieved I the past 10 years. 

 The beauty is my strongest passion and the customer satisfaction is the main desire to me. To provide the best service possible, I constantly keep improving my knowledge and qualifications by attending courses and seminars led by professionals in the well-known academies around the World. That enables me to keep up with the trends, learn the latest techniques and products. 
 In terms of products, I do always choose it very carefully and selectively, prioritising the effectiveness and safety of it to my customer. I am working only with well-known and certified brands in industry.

 I believe my customers deserve best quality service and products.

 My dedication for work and listening to person needs helped me to build long lasting and loyal relations with my customers. I do strongly believe, that honesty and professionalism create the special link between customer and beautician. That standard I apply on my daily work to ensure the customer feels in absolute comfort and leaves happy with result.

  • 9 Station Approach, Hampton TW12 2HY, United Kingdom